ZETR 13-O-W. Double outlet colour matched to plasterboard.jpg

ZETR is a new concept of electrical outlets, switches and accessories for commercial and residential installations. 


The ZETR No.13 series is a recessed, trim-less, and completely flush range of switches and outlets that integrates with the surrounding wall surface to provide minimal impact on the specified finish. This sets the product apart from the traditional larger surface mounted cover plate options available. 

Zetr_PROPS-115 (1).jpg

ZETR FINISHES flush in varying wall types, thicknesses and surfaces including plaster board, concrete, stone, tile, timber and rendered walls, ACHIEVING a near invisible look for outlets and switches within the wall. 


The assembly is set or mounted within the wall as opposed to over, and allows for general power outlets, push button switches, push button dimmers, timer mechanisms, data outlets, USB outlets, telephone ports and other data accessories.