I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N  E X C E L L E N C E  A W A R D S

ZETR was awarded the 2018 Interior Design Excellence Award for Object – Furniture and Lighting (Professional) at Fridays IDEA Gala by inside. The category showcases the best in Australian furniture and lighting design with works judged on form, function and genuine innovation.  


"Thank you to everyone for specifying ZETR and for supporting Australian design. We are a family business and to receive this award is such an incredible experience. Congratulations to all the entrants and shortlists and thank you to the IDEA awards for such an awesome event."  

Garth Elliott, Director and Designer ZETR. 



“This quiet design is so perfectly suited to the needs of interior design that in a few years’ time we will hardly remember what it replaced.”   

Jan Henderson and Gillian Serisier, co-editors inside

"A seemingly simple and subtle reworking of a very standardised product by ZETR has recognised a hole in the existing Australian market. These electrical outlets and switches have been designed with the key purpose of being camouflaged into any interior and they have successfully achieved this.

This quiet design response allows interior designers to explore their design ideas without the clumsy intrusion of standard electrical outlets and ironically it is the subtlety of this product that makes it a major disrupter in the existing product market.”

Kirsten Stanisich, IDEA 2018 Jury

Alyssa SheldrakeComment