ZETR’s interpretation of ‘What’s On Flack’s Plinths?’. 

The Flack’s Plinths exhibition is the work of Melbourne’s Flack Studio, headed by David Flack, inviting Australian furniture, lighting, art and object designers to showcase their projects for a month at a time. For June 2019, ZETR built an installation representative of the distinct curve and the customisable nature of ZETR switches and outlets.

The project was a collaboration between ZETR and Flack, as it wasn’t a simple as choosing an existing piece from our catalogue. ZETR outlets and switches are small, highly designed features which require installation into a surface to be showcased, so ZETR approached Flack with the idea to design a scaled ZETR installation to sit atop their marble plinths. 

Following the initial design ideas and drawings, ZETR sat down with Flack at their studio and collaboratively selected the materials for each [piece].

The final installation sees a multitude of finishes, including veneer, leather, brass, scorched granite, raw blackened steel, marble, stone and polished plaster. Each element of this project came about as a result of collaboration with local Australian creatives, designers and craftspeople with the idea of showcasing how ZETR can finish flush within all surface types and depths.



We were introduced to Melbourne local, Anthony Klein from AKWT, who worked to create the curved ZETR shape of each piece.

“Garth gave me renders of what ZETR ideally wanted to achieve and, from there, we talked about what was going to work and the best way to do it,’ Anthony said.

“I enjoy doing this curved sort of work, the more detailed stuff. It doesn’t look like there’s a lot involved but there actually is quite a bit in making jigs and forming up the curves.”

The beautiful veneer that wraps the joinery in the installation, was sourced from local Sydney suppliers, New Age Veneers. 

“The veneer is crafted from responsibly sourced, reconstituted wood, but is then engineered by rearranging the grain and dyeing it a certain colour, giving it consistency,” says Joe Timpano from New Age Veneers.


Adrian Zipevski from Sydney and Melbourne supplier, Surface Gallery worked alongside Garth and the ZETR team to source the unique stone finishes specified by Flack Studio. 

“David Flack had some input into his preferences so we worked with this; Garth, of ZETR, is very flexible and generally asks for our suggestion also. After having a small dilemma with getting a particular stone on time we actually pulled a rabbit out of a hat with our Equinox as we felt it really hit the mark by being warm textured and moody.”

The three stone finishes, sourced from Surface Gallery are all very unique stones in their own right, 

“St-Hugo is a dramatic rich red marble which is quite brittle to work with but very striking, Viola Marble is another striking marble with intense lighting purple veins. The Equinox Granite is maybe the most interesting and understated with its flamed and brushed finish it looks extremely rough however has a soft leathery feel, it’s a great option for the client that wants a raw look but feel like they are walking on a leather floor.”

Working with ZETR is always a no brainer for us, the team is creative and innovative with any project they take on. We love being apart of the process with these guys.”

Adrian Zipevski, Surface Gallery


The leather used is Verona Chestnut from Instyle Fabrics. The upholstery of this leather piece was undertaken by Mike March from Jade Customs, who went through the process of creating his own unique cutting file, that refined the ZETR installation process to allow for the fabric to pass through. This is interesting as it is the first time we have seen the ZETR product installed into leather, but it seems to be an ideal fabric to work with.

“With a few small incisions in the leather in the right places, the leather pulled through neatly which worked so well with the ZETR product that is neat, clean and perfect,” said Mike. 

The ZETR team worked from the collaborative meeting with Flack Studio, on final finishes of each of the switches and outlets chosen for the installation. The nature of the ZETR product, particularly with the release of the new ZETR_carbon range of metal finishes such as brass, bronze and steel, is that they are customisable to both blend in, or stand out form their surroundings. 

Anthony Klein, of AKWT joinery, pulled the pieces of the project puzzle together and installed the pieces in the Flack Studio foyer at the beginning of the month.

“I’m wrapped with how they turned out, I think they showcase the points and switches and the matched faces really nicely. I think we came up with a pretty cool product, it all pieced together really nicely.”

It’s so great to see the creative collaboration of so many Australian designers, and ultimately to have daring finishes and exciting products to be showcased in the same space. A very big thank you to Flack Studio for giving us the opportunity to pull this together.