Manly based Penman Brown walks us through their recently completed Pacific House.

A gloomy beachside bungalow, transformed into a serene urban oasis deeply connected to its coastal location. 

190212 - MEGAN BROWN - 37 PACIFIC PDE-8373.jpg

Graceful volumes and tactile, softly patterned materials compliment the bold addition of an expansive, lofty glass pavilion that expertly maximises internal floor space, captures northern light and frames blue skies above towering trees. 

190212 - MEGAN BROWN - 37 PACIFIC PDE-8418.jpg

ZETR outlets and switches are specified to blend into the white finishes in core locations throughout the home.

190212 - MEGAN BROWN - 37 PACIFIC PDE-8408.jpg
190212 - MEGAN BROWN - 37 PACIFIC PDE-8563.jpg
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